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REGD. DSW (2317)-K

  Sahara Public Institute for the care education and rehabilitation of the Disable people.
  To establish hostel for handicap.
  To establish vocational training center and guidance services for handicap.
  To facilitate those handicap, who are capable of working in commercial / industrial and government organizations, by arranging their placement in jobs as per the disable persons employment and rehabilitation of offender’s ordinance, 1986?
  To provide care and necessary support servicesfor disabled, and provide relief to the affected families.
  To arrange counseling, training and advisory services for special teachers, volunteers and parents of the handicap.
  To give awareness about disabled peoples in the society.
  To publish literature highlighting different problems special people, and publish information about available remedies
to help them live with dignity
  Sahara special education centre.
  To expand Sahara Village Shelter Home services to all over the Pakistan.
  To expand Sahara ambulance services to all over the Pakistan.
.:.Welcome To Sahara Public Rights.:.