D-59,Punjab Chowrangi , Block-9, Clifton- Karachi

Sahara Shelter Home

Shelter Home

In the existing 5 care centres (as given below) for the old, the mentally challenged and special persons, home-like care is provided. For various reasons, these persons are not in a position to receive the required support. We provide the same including food, clothes, other personal needs, day to day medication as per their doctor’s prescription and move to an appropriate doctor/hospital in an emergency. Day care services are also provided. The locations of these centres are:

1. Sahara Village Old Age Home (D-59. Punjab Chowrangi, Block 9, Clifton)
2.Sahara Village Vocational Training Centre ( 20 g-(II), Corner of 7th Gizri Street , Main Gizri Avenue ,Phase-IV, DHA Centre)
3. Sahara Village Women Psychiatric Centre (A-68, SMCHS)
4. Wazeeran Home for Psychiatric Patients (B-39, Opposite Airmen Golf Club, Ibrahim Hydari)
5. Sahara Village Shelter Home (Korangi Creek)