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Chairman Message

Mr. Akbar Ali Rana

Chairman Sahara Public Rights

The name of Mr. Akber Ali Rana is not a name of a person belonging to any particular community, caste, creed, sect or color. This is the name of a dignified person who is serving the humanity without any discrimination and affiliation with any political or religious party or ethnic group / any Trust. This gentleman is the Social Worker, Founder & Chairman of Sahara Public Rights Welfare, which is purely a welfare organization. Mr. Akber Ali Rana had started his work from scratch, using his own income and monetary source. He helped those who were sick and needy. He provided comfort to those who were penniless and were suffering from mental agony and pain. As a non-Government, non-political and a non-profitable organization. Sahara Public Rights Welfare with the ‘‘MISSION TO SERVE THE HUMANITY’’ is being run with the help of some kind-hearted philanthropists. Mr. Akber Ali Rana transformed Sahara Public Rights Welfare into the reality of a welfare organization, which at the initial stage had started free services to the poor and the needy persons with the sincere devotion, transparency, professional integrity and honesty.


Our Vision

Perpetual quality services to humanity with complete sincerity

Our Mission

To educate those children, who are running out of their homes? Sahara Village provide them basic facilities and give them guidance services and skillful education. So, they become the good citizens of the society.

To reach them on their destination of needy peoples, who don’t have even basic resources?

To work towards rehabilitation of distressed peoples, specially the underprivileged and indigent.

To provide shelter home facilities, medical and psychiatric treatment as per requirement and also their basic expenditures.

During these services to needy, deserving peoples get expired. Sahara Village arranges their funeral activities.

To raise public awareness about the mentall illness and to foster behavioral changes in society

To organize, maintain and train a team of dedicated psychiatrics, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and nursing staff to ensure competent and ongoing mental health services.

To provide 24 hours Ambulance service to admitted patients for shifting from/to home/hospital including emergencies.

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