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It is difficult to pinpoint the exact age when an adult becomes a geriatric patient. It is a gradual process that enforces the need for some kind of support by family or medical staff without which, the patient may be worse off.

Shelter Home

Shelter Homes are the primarily initiatives of Sahara Welfare. In 2009 Sahara Welfare started its 1st shelter by name of Sahara Village at Punjab Chowrangi

Latest Medical Care

Sahara Village provides physical check up by expert physicians on a daily basis and operating psychiatric OPD for admitted and discharged patients.


To help educational needs of the meritorious children in different localities of Karachi, whose parents/guardians have acute financial constraints,


Sahara Public Rights Welfare Organization is providing 24 hours service to admitted patients for shifting from/to home/hospital including emergencies.



Sahara Village desires to build a Sahara Village Shelter Home on Acres of land at Nooriabad, Karachi. Which have capacity to accommodate at least 3,000 orphanage and shelterless ladies. Who are vulnerable and have no place to live their lives happily.


Sahara Village wishes to scale up its shelter home facilities to all over Pakistan by end of 2030 due to numerous calls received from different cities where such facilities aren’t available.


Sahara Village craved to establish it’s free schools for underprivileged students who are incapable to get standard secondary education.

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    Sahara Village started a Vocational Training Centre in 2019 where regular classes conducted for mental up being of special children and psychiatric patients. We trained them vocationally according to their capabilities and we arrange work placement for these special needs people to aid them live comfortably


    “Healing Takes Time, and asking for help is courageous step”


    There is no health without mental health


    People start to heel , the moment  they feel heard


    This too shall pass


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